About Us Shadow Stabilizers!

Shadow Stabilizers provides custom stabilizers that are built specifically for every customer, with the highest level of quality and customer service at an affordable price.

Shadow Stabilizers are machined and assembled in Phoenix, AZ. The company was started in 2014 on Archery Talk and has since grown to selling in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. Our customers appreciate the design, craftsmanship, and pricing our products have to offer.

Shadow’s products first started as a way to offer a high quality product that wasn’t overpriced. We have come a long way from the small beginning we had on Archery Talk, but are every bit as dedicated to our products as day one. For us, Shadow Stabilizers has been a way to do more in the archery community and offer a reasonably priced product for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you everyone for making us a success. Now get out there and shoot!

  • Highest Quality.
  • Totally Customizable.
  • Fast Customer Service.
  • Affordable Prices.

About Shadow

Shadow is our Siberian husky. He accompanies us to all of our 3D shoots and loves to hang around with all the archers. His fun loving personality has continued to inspire us daily, here at Shadow Stabilizers. The team would not be complete without his howling, lazy naps in the middle of the floor, and huffing and puffing when we are being too loud or walking over him. Shadow loves to see people happy and loves his job as the mascot and inspiration for Shadow Stabilizers